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Wheel Repair
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 Wheel Repair 

Alloy wheels are now a common and attractive feature on most cars.  A set of alloy wheels can make significant difference on the value of a vehicle, while providing a more sporty appearance.  Because this, enthusiasts have been upgrading their cars to alloy wheels for years.  Replacing basic steel and hubcaps is a great way to set one's car apart from others, increase value and enhance fuel performance.  More recently, car manufacturers have embraced the consumer's demand for more sporty wheels by providing them as a standard option on most new models.

However alloy wheels suffer damage that, at one time, wasn't easy to repair.  Replacement of these damaged wheels, whether by the dealer or through the manufacturer's warehouse, will be an expensive and time consuming process.

Wheelguard can repair your damaged alloy wheels on the spot, at your location, at a time that is convenient for you.  Our mobile wheel reconditioning technician will repair the damaged wheel on the vehicle without having to remove the wheel and repair is typically accomplished in a minimal amount of time.  Wheelguard mobile wheel reconditioning specializes in repairing most cosmetic damage to an alloy wheel, providing a premium service that is second to none.

An expert Wheelguard technician will inspect the wheel at your location to assess the damage and confirm the exact repair/refinish cost.  (Wheelguard offers more extensive repairs to heavily damaged wheels occasionally requiring removal to an offsite facility.)

To schedule an appointment to have your wheels repaired:

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Wheelguard Mobile Wheel Reconditioning Service
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