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“I had just picked up my new BMW Z3 when I went through the bank’s drive through window and hit a curb.  Needless-to-say, I was horrified when I saw what my wheel looked like.  I immediately went to the dealership and they gave me WheelGuard’s name and number.  I called and their repair specialist came out that same afternoon.  I could not believe how quickly and proficiently he repaired my wheel.  Now my new car looks perfect.  Thank You!”

Stephanie C. Consumer

“I wanted to give my husband a gift that was out of the ordinary.  He is a car buff and his wheels were his prize toy (a 2001 Corvette) looked a mess.  I called WheelGuard; their repair specialist came out to our house.  After cleaning and polishing all four wheels, my husband’s toy looked brand new.  I was telling all my friends about this GREAT service.  Thank-you for helping me give this unique gift to my husband.”

Laurie D. Consumer

“Well what can I say, except, Thank you WheelGuard.  I was driving my fiance’s brand new 250 Ford Truck when I did the “ditzy girl thing” curbed the back wheel.  I knew I needed to do something to fix it fast.  I called the dealership and they recommended WheelGuard to me.  I called, they came out good on the home front.  Thanks again, you rock.”

Amber L. Consumer

“The service provided is invaluable in regards to saving money for the dealership.  I can figure to a vehicle knowing that the salespeople will not have to apologize for any wheels.”

Chad F. Auto Dealer

“When buying vehicles from the auction and taking in trade-ins – the wheels were one of the first thing I looked at.  Now that I have a service that can repair the unsightly damage, I won’t pass on buying a vehicle anymore.”

Rick G. Auto Dealer

“Fixing a wrecked vehicle is time consuming enough without having to wait on a reconditioned wheel.  Having access to a service that can repair a damaged wheel right there on the spot is priceless.  I’m much happier and my customers are happier for the quicker turnaround.”

Greg A. Body Shop

Wheelguard Mobile Wheel Reconditioning Service
725 State Route 121N
New Paris, OH 45347
Phone: (937) 996-0276

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