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Welcome to Wheelguard

Wheelguard can fix curbed wheels and cosmetic damage.  If it's something more serious, you can send it to our sister company, Rim Technologies, which straightens, machines, polishes, and repairs cracks.


Wheelguard offers quality repairs to aluminum alloy wheels with our highly trained technicians and our state of the art equipment.  We recondition, refinish, and bring your wheel back to the factory tolerance.


Replacing alloy wheels can cost hundreds of dollars, while the restoration of your scuffed and scraped allow wheels make your car look brand new and represents exceptional value for the money based on the cost of refurbishing your wheels alone.


Wheelguard can fix everything from a curb damaged aluminum alloy wheel on the minivan to a bent rim on the Bentley.


We can also repair all aftermarket alloy wheels.  So, if that wheel is damaged or just not as pretty as it was when you bought it, call Wheelguard at (937) 996-0276. 


Wheelguard has customers all over the United States… automobile dealers, tire dealers, insurance companies, automobile detail shops, and individual automobile owners.

Wheelguard Mobile Wheel Reconditioning Service
725 State Route 121N
New Paris, OH 45347
Phone: (937) 996-0276

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